• Piano Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the piano group) was founded in 1956, is a piano, digital instruments, music education, culture and media collaborative development of an integrated instrument culture enterprises. In 2012, the successful piano IPO listed as a whole, become a musical instrument culture listed companies, further to the high-tech and cultural industries. To 2016 the company has annual sales of more than 130 thousand aircraft, the cumulative sales of more than 2 million piano frame, sales of radiation to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, the domestic market share of more than 35%, the global market share of more than 25%, the main economic indicators of enterprises in more than 20 years in counterparts. Piano Group has Pearl River, Ritter Miller, Caesar fort, Beijing pearl and other independent piano brand. Its full range of products won the "MMR of the year" awarded the best vocal quality award. Among them, the piano has won "China famous brand products", "China famous trademark", and was appraised as "key cultivation export brand" by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the brand of Chinese musical instruments which is de... 【more】

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